What is Solarpunk and why is it something for Sidmouth?

Realistic Optimism

Solarpunk has a realistic and optimistic view of the future. It does not deny the problems of humankind or the planet but it believes that we are capable of getting ourselves out of this mess. It rejects the idea that we are all doomed and that there will be a big disaster of some description, which leaves only a few survivors.

It believes in human ingenuity and that our science and technology will develop successful solutions. To this extent the recent fast development of Covid vaccines is Solarpunk. However, it is not complacent and believes we all have to work at things if we want to be successful.

Solarpunk started in around 2014 and can mainly be found in Science Fiction from that time although many earlier stories are now being pulled into the genre.

It is increasingly being seen as an alternative message to that of Extinction Rebellion. Solarpunk believes individuals and communities can make a difference.

Solarpunk appreciates nature and arts as well as sciences and technology. It embraces the decorative elements of Art Nouveaux and early Art Deco. It shares many aspects of the Arts and Crafts movement.

Sidmouth already has many of the things which a Solarpunk community would have on its wishlist but it hasn’t adopted the label.

We believe that adopting the label will bring many advantages not least to tourism and the economy. If Whitby can be the mecca for Steampunk then let’s make Sidmouth the mecca for Solarpunk!




Solarpunk poses an interesting and new take on the problems we are facing in this century. The beauty of Solarpunk lies in its non-restrictive and varying aesthetics. All parts of this movement aim towards achieving a bright and welcoming future for everyone. From fashion to music, as long as it follows the core values, anyone can be a part of this positive movement. Adam Flynn of ASU’s Hieroglyph writes, “We’re Solarpunks because the only other options are denial or despair.” The heartbeat of Solarpunk is looking to the future with optimism and people moving towards more conscious consumption. To make a choice. The choice to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the choice to resist the current lifestyle and the choice to make a change for a better future. With all the existing troubling topics that we are bombarded with every day, Solarpunk provides solace in its hope for a better future.

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