Do we really need expensive, high-impact ‘infrastructure’? Why not something more traditional? “I Am Indigenous Khasi From Meghalaya, India. Our Ancestors Built Bridges From Roots A Long Time Ago. We Have Very Little Pre-Colonial History,

This is what it’s all about… The latest meme from the Bored Panda blog: Pettson och Findus! Swedish children’s books characters. And… Although the term solarpunk was coined in 2008, the ideas behind it are

Holland has had bat-friendly red LED lights on for some time:  Holland’s newest red-light district is a big boost for bats (MAGAZINE) | LEDs Magazine  Bat-friendly Dutch district paints the town red every night –

Sidmouth has a connection to Barcelona: Sidmouth author on UNESCO writing residency in Barcelona | Sidmouth Herald This blog has also connected Sidmouth and Barcelona: Solarpunk & the world of cryptocurrencies – Sidmouth Solarpunk SolarPunk

How does the solarpunk movement fit in with cryptocurrencies? Solarpunk & trying to make the world of cryptocurrencies more transparent – Sidmouth Solarpunk This weekend in Barcelona, the Ethereum community is positioning itself very much