A solarpunk library

What books did you get for Christmas? Any Sci-fi? Any Solarpunk fiction? How Eco-Fiction Became Realer Than Realism Encompassing everything from the ecosystems novel to sci-fi, a growing body of literature is imagining and interrogating

SolarPunk and solar energy are interlinked – and both have huge promise. Here are a few extracts from a piece which starts in Puerto Rico after this summer’s hurricanes: Solar power has taken root in

It’s the time of year to look forward with hope. Here are some excerpts from a recent piece by Alexandria Shana promising just that: Solarpunk originated in Brazil in the early 2000s. In 2008, a

VR + XR + SolarPunk

Can Virtual Reality and Extended Reality help us to be not only more creative but allow us to touch the reality of our environment more intimately? Here are some provocative and inspiring thoughts and moving

We don’t need to put up with an overworked drainage system in our towns and cities. Futures Forum: Climate change: calling for a new approach to ensure communities are resilient to the threat of flooding

There is huge interest in Solarpunk across the world: it is not just confined to the Anglosphere: there are lots of ideas and projects happening everywhere… Germany: Das Science-Fiction-Genre Solarpunk zeichnet Zukünfte, in denen Menschen im