Ecosophy or ecophilosophy (a portmanteau of ecological philosophy) is a philosophy of ecological harmony or equilibrium. The term was coined by the French philosopher and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari and the Norwegian father of deep ecology, Arne Næss. Ecosophy – Wikipedia Raimon Panikkar,

SolarPunk @ Carnival

We’ve just had the Carnival in Rio. As someone suggested: Carnival 2023: how about creating a costume inspired by Solar Punk? In clothes, architecture, art and music, the movement inspires contact with nature and an

A SolarPunk campus

The student accommodation dominating – and about to dominate – the skyline of Exeter is pretty uninspiring if not totally bleak: Exeter ‘housing crisis’ sparked by ‘too many students’ – Devon Live How’s about a bit

The last SP Sidmouth post took us to visions of Strasbourg – suggesting these could also be visions for Sidmouth: Is solarpunk ‘post-growth’? – Sidmouth Solarpunk Welcome to the world of Luc Schuiten: Schuiten’s designs,

Sidmouth is not Strasbourg – but ‘repurposing buildings’ and allowing nature to ‘reclaim’ the streets could well be adapted to small town Devon: Solarpunk architect Luc Schuiten’s concept for how Strasbourg could look in a

Art can help us reimagine the world: Art and imagining a more sustainable world – Sidmouth Solarpunk And there are plenty of artistic endeavours happening in these parts which “celebrate the natural beauty of our

The SolarPunk movement began as a literary movement – and it’s going decidedly mainstream. This is on the New York Times recommended reading list this week: AFTERGLOW: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors, edited by Grist. (The