A SolarPunk Wiki

Wikipedia provides pretty ‘encyclopedic’ coverage of an ever-expanding universe: Solarpunk is a literary and artistic movement that envisions and works toward actualizing a sustainable future interconnected with nature and community.[3][4] Solarpunk – Wikipedia There are lots of similarly shaped online encyclopedias. This

It’s the look of SolarPunk as much as the ideas that marks the movement. Here’s an excellent overview of that: LUSH FANTASIES: AN OVERVIEW OF THE SOLARPUNK AESTHETIC Solarpunk is a literary genre, an aesthetic

Interesting how solar installation firms are jumping on the solarpunk bandwagon. Great how the movement’s ideas are getting known! If you’re in the States, you might be interested: Exciting announcement… we just launched a Solarpunk

The point the SolarPunk movement keeps pressing is that we don’t need to wait for technological salvation around the corner: we already have the technology we need to solve most of our problems. And this

Solarpunk is realistic optimism about the future; so too is Lunarpunk… but differently. Kenneth Silber of the arts magazine Splice looks at the two: The Lure of Lunarpunk A new sci-fi subgenre and style mixes

Is a robotic mower really an example of how to go solarpunk? On one hand, you want to be a resilient off-grid solarpunk freed from the yoke of your increasingly-unreliable power company. On the other,

Looking to the future, here’s a new book out from Gregory Claeys: In the face of Earth’s environmental breakdown, it is clear that technological innovation alone won’t save our planet. A more radical approach is required,

Solarpunk was ‘born’ with these notes in 2014: 2014 – Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto – Adam Flynn – Dominios, públicos y acceso Or perhaps it ‘started’ in 2008… or 2011: While the idea of