TINKERING AND STEM: We’ve just finished the Sidmouth Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – with the final day really getting young people doing things: Successful week for Sidmouth Science Festival | Sidmouth Herald

SolarPunk is about designing a positive future. Here’s the concluding paragraph of a brilliant look at Solarpunk: Post-Industrial Design and Aesthetics: A key feature of the later Solarpunk era would be so-called ‘urban landscape superstructures’

Here’s a guide to city transformation through Solarpunk: art and artivism for climate change: transformation through solarpunk – Sidmouth Solarpunk And this is from another guide – which is truly inspirational: Solarpunk: Refuturing our Imagination

The Telegraph looks at a newly-created material from a very natural material – and the designer behind much of the creativity: This fascinating new material could be the future of sustainable luxury Beginning with humble

Solarpunk movies

The whole solarpunk is clearly going mainstream when it ends up in Hollywood and with Disney: Solarpunk fantasy comes to Hollywood – Sidmouth Solarpunk Disney goes SolarPunk – Sidmouth Solarpunk It’s all about utopian visions:

How can we counter all that climate doomism? Here’s a look at what we can do – and how the ideas are becoming mainstream: Solarpunk is going mainstream. This couple’s $1M Kickstarter proves it Canary chats