Solarpunk is about the sun and Lunarpunk is about the moon – which translates as: Part of the reason I was troubled by solarpunk was because there seemed to be a loss of the individual.

The growing movement known as ‘Solar Punk’ offers both inspiring visions and practical solutions. Here’s something from the Telegraph Online in India, from earlier today: Solarpunk: A brilliant subculture, its solutions and visions How do

Blockchain could well be the future when it comes to digital transactions: Blockchain Explained: What is blockchain? | Euromoney Learning Next month, Barcelona will be hosting a big event looking at this future: Exploring how

AI is very much in the news Here’s an excerpt from a recent piece looking at the overall issues: By optimizing resource use and helping predict and respond to environmental challenges, AI could help create

Here are just the first few paragraphs from a recent article in the Resilience and ZNetwork online periodicals – with a lot more interesting stuff in the full piece: Dear Hope, a reply Aren’t you

Yes, it’s so mainstream that it’s now a video game, together with all the familiar aspects: Some comfy farming, crafting and automation, light survival systems, and blimp-based exploration. Solarpunk is a co-op ‘cozy survival game’