Here’s a piece from Kolkata from today – which starts in Arizona: Solarpunk: A brilliant subculture, its solutions and visions Just as in cyberpunk, where neon-lit cyberworld settings exist within contexts of rebellion and anarchy,

Disney goes SolarPunk

A new animation is just out: “Strange World,” the world may be super-weird, but those who populate it are some of the most realistic and well rounded that Walt Disney Animation Studios has ever presented.

anarcho solarpunk

Some great articles on what SolarPunk is all about – from another perspective: Open Source Societies – Anarcho Solarpunk Off Grid Internet Use Cases – Anarcho Solarpunk Solarpunk: Diverging Paths And Where We Go From

In the lead-up to COP27, Slate magazine took us between our responses: “hopeful and constructive sometimes, despairing at others”. Here we look at the hopeful: Sci-Fi’s Lessons for Balancing Climate Hope and Despair The U.N.’s COP27 climate