A big problem a lot of people have with ‘alternative energy’ is that much of it is visually imposing. Objections to a planning application for a solar farm near Ottery refer primarily to loss of

Why do big cities seem to be making so much headway? Smaller town perhaps are not hitting the headlines in the same way! GLASGOW As expected: In response to the UK Committee on Climate Change

Let’s get creative with alternatives to cement: innovation in architecture: living materials from biotechnology – Sidmouth Solarpunk We do indeed need alternatives: As demonstrated in the Chatham House report, while cement (an essential element for concrete

A new sustainable fashion hub… Come join the revolution and learn how to make, mend and shop with less cost to you AND the planet.  The Lyric Theatre, Barrack Street will become a sustainable fashion hub from

“Ideas of repair and healing, focusing on the duty of care we have to our community, to ourselves, to the planet and to our possessions” Restoration revolution: how make do and mend turned into a

visible mending

If you’re going to repair something – make it obvious! The “visible mending” movement is being driven by individuals concerned about the environmental impact of new clothing. But its roots go back centuries to the