Ways to turn the negative energy around ‘eco-anxiety’ into positive action – from Carbon Savvy: Areas of response – abilityIn 11-aside football, whether the team is winning or losing, each player can only play their

The SolarPunk movement is very positive about the possibilities of science – especially the creative possibilities: Solarpunk: between art and science – Vision Group for Sidmouth Solarpunk Marks the Intersection of Sci-Fi, Sustainability and Hope

defiant beauty

A great project to bring ‘defiant beauty’ to London’s streets: Abundance London is a voluntary organisation, founded in 2010, that harvests surplus fruit, plants orchards, hedgerows and trees, tries to reconnect people with nature and

This is from a great piece from the latest archdaily – which takes us from early 20th century, modernists, futurists, and constructivists who saw themselves as innovative pioneers with a mission to create a new,