Seaweed in Sidmouth

Seaweed is really taking off – as today’s story on Radio 4’s The Food Programme tells us: Gabriella D’Cruz, from Goa, wants to improve diets, transform livelihoods and protect the planet using an often-overlooked marine

Solarpunk is really going mainstream: To quote from a Greek yogurt company’s advert: “Chobani believes how we eat today has a direct and lasting impact on what tomorrow brings” Eat today, feed tomorrow – YouTube


Science fiction provides the perfect thought laboratory to explore strange new worlds – and to see how they might work. The Star Trek universe has sparked a huge amount of commentary about what might indeed

grow your own clothes

Fashion designer and star of the Great British Sewing Bee, Patrick Grant, left Savile Row behind to begin a textiles revolution from Blackburn: Fashion’s plain truth | Back in April a team of about