If you’re into constructing new worlds online, this might be of interest… Watch the latest Solarpunk trailer to see beautiful locations, building elements, and more from this upcoming survival game. Solarpunk will be available in

Interest in SolarPunk is truly international: Solarpunk inspiration from the Subcontinent – Sidmouth Solarpunk The latest insights come from the Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka: Originating in Brazil as a literary genre in the early

“Not only is SolarPunk going very mainstream – it’s being seen in a very positive, promising light”: SolarPunk: ‘just the antidote we need for climate doomism’ – Sidmouth Solarpunk “Solarpunk rejects climate “doomerism” and shows

From the One Earth blog, looking at the wider eco-movement: Solarpunk recognizes the sheer complexity of the challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss. As such, the movement leaves space for “appropriate technology”: innovation

There are lots of fabulous visions of the future coming out of the broad solarpunk project – but how will it work in practice? This is from an excellent piece this month from Built-in, “the