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We’ve just finished the Sidmouth Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – with the final day really getting young people doing things:

Successful week for Sidmouth Science Festival | Sidmouth Herald

And a lot of that involved a lot of ‘tinkering’:

Webinar: Making and Tinkering with STEM – YouTube

With more inspiration here from the Tinkering School:

Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering – YouTube

Tinkering School

The Tinkering School is where kids go to build marvelous things | TreeHugger

Looks lots of fun:

Tinkering with Nuts and Bolts – Early Science Matters


Here’s a very interesting look at what children might get up to in the future:

Kids From The Future

Children are our future, in every sense of the word. But what might that future be like, and how might it shape the lives of young people? What happens when three leading female futurists come together to envision what the children of the future could be like or what world they might inhabit? The result is this article, that shares creative and thought-provoking profiles of five kids from the future...

1. Solarpunk Kid

“One of the five kids of the future is called Solarpunk kid. Solarpunk is a sustainability philosophy and lifestyle. It has an edgy fashion and design aesthetic reminiscent of steampunk. While steampunk glorified the Industrial Revolution, Solarpunk is all about the clean, green future,” said Alexandra Whittington, futurist at Partners in Foresight. 

Solarpunk is centered around sustainability. For Whittington, the Solarpunk kid of 2030 would be very inspired by technologies like biomimicry, AI, cryptocurrency, and 3D printing because those technologies create abundance. Their parents might have been early adopters of Bitcoin, EVs and smart homes, so they learned early in a very personal way that technology benefits humanity. 

“A Solarpunk kid might hold a major life’s ambition like making the world’s first net-zero landfill or inventing new methods of growing sustainable crops. They carry a sense of curious optimism, mad STEM skills, and a creative urge to tinker. They develop interesting life hacks that they teach their friends, such as how to profit by selling excess kinetic energy from your backpack to the grid and what to wear for your upcoming psilocybin trip,” she added. 

Five Kids From The Future


An interesting discussion for those of us beyond our childhood:

What skills are solarpunk? : r/solarpunk

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