a solarpunk future… now

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Solarpunk imagines an optimistic future where humans have overcome the major environmental and social crises of our time and in the process created a safe, just world powered by clean energy and organised around collaborative social ideals.

Solarpunk: Visions of a just, nature-positive world | Opinion | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific

Imagine being surrounded by lush natural landscapes, buildings covered with verdant plants and vegetation complete with rooftop gardens, and cities that are completely powered by clean energy. Imagine having our technologies built in harmony with nature and shared equally with everyone on the planet. This is what our world should look like as envisioned by the solarpunk movement. 

Solarpunk Is the Future We Should Strive For | Earth.Org

The thing that makes many dystopian TV shows so scary is that it’s easy to imagine them becoming reality — many of the technologies depicted in Black Mirror are already in some stage of development. However, that’s the same thing that makes the solarpunk movement so enticing — it’s not hard to imagine how members’ optimistic vision of the future could become reality based on what’s actually happening in the world. Right now, renewable energy is on the rise. cities are supporting urban farms, and brands are embracing sustainable fashion.

What does a solarpunk future look like?

How We Can Build A Solarpunk Future Right Now (ft. @Andrewism) – YouTube


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