art and comedy and climate change

Tonight’s episode of Inside Culture on BBC Two talked to a comedian/scientist, a spoken word performer and an internationally renowned artist, amongst others:

Can Art Save the Planet?

Shahidha Bari teams up with artists, poets, comics and musicians to investigate the role that the arts can play in exploring and processing the most challenging crisis of our times: the threat to our planet from catastrophic climate change. 

Shahidha meets Antony Gormley at his Norfolk studio to find out how his work has engaged with the climate crisis and to discuss how the global art industry can lower its carbon footprint. She also visits poet and performer Kae Tempest to talk about their new album and the ways in which music and poetry can help us to process life’s pressures. 

From Toronto, The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman shares a special performance of a track from her recent album, which explores the emotional fallout from the damage we’ve inflicted on the natural world. Finally, to debate what happens when art meets science, Shahidha gets together with writer and curator Ekow Eshun, artist Alberta Whittle and comedian and environmental economist Matt Winning

BBC iPlayer – Inside Culture – Series 5: 4. Can Art Save the Planet?

Here’s a bit of art Matt Winning mentioned, by scientist Ed Hawkins, which maps global temperature change from 1850 to 2019 in a very effective, very visual way:

Warming Stripes (2018) by Ed Hawkins – Climate in Arts and History

Matt Winning is indeed an environmentalist economist:

(20) Dr Matt Winning (@mattwinning) / Twitter

But he’s also a comedian:

(20+) Matt Winning | Facebook

And very entertaining too:

Matt Winning: Climate Strange (Part 1) – YouTube

Climate Strange | Dr Matt Winning | TEDxNewcastleCollege – YouTube