Science fiction doesn’t have to be depressing

Sci-fi can be quite uplifting:

Latest Solarpunk Scifi: ‘optimistic and green’ – Sidmouth Solarpunk

As pointed out in a piece from a couple of years ago:

Welcome to solarpunk, a new genre within science fiction that is a reaction against the perceived pessimism of present-day sci-fi and hopes to bring optimistic stories about the future with the aim of encouraging people to change the present. The first book that explicitly identified as solarpunk was Solarpunk: Histórias ecológicas e fantásticas em um mundo sustentável (Solarpunk: Ecological and Fantastic Stories in a Sustainable World), a Brazilian book published in 2012. In 2014, author Adam Flynn wrote Solarpunk: Notes Toward a Manifesto.

But it was in 2017 that this genre of science fiction — viewed by its supporters as a light of optimism in a world of despair — showed signs of taking off, riding on a set of new publications, support from publishers and increasing interest from readers.

To many, solarpunk represents an ignition for activism. “The great programs of the 20th century often began as fictional proposals, from moon landings to Social Security,” says Flynn. “It’s time we returned to higher ambitions for what we can do as a society.”

By showcasing alternatives, solarpunk may also be returning science fiction to one part of its traditional but sometimes forgotten role, its proponents suggest. “There is a history of science fiction inspiring social change,” says editor Sarena Ulibarri. “It can show what is possible.”

Sci-Fi Doesn’t Have to Be Depressing: Welcome to Solarpunk – OZY | A Modern Media Company