Solar + Punk = SolarPunk!

There is ‘solar’ – which is about realising all those alternative technologies which we already have at hand.

And there is ‘punk’ – which is about all those creative and ingenious approaches which we are capable of.

To give one example of clever ways to use solar energy in Massachusetts:

Charging stations let the public relax with a cup of coffee, and recharge their cell phones at no cost. One example of this is the Soofa, which was developed at MIT.

8 Creative Applications of Solar Energy – RevoluSun

There really are lots of creative ideas:

Creative Applications Of Solar Energy – YouTube

7 Creative Applications of Solar Energy – ASME

And there are all sorts of examples of art and science coming together:

Abou Aboughazala, the initiator of the project the Solar Panel Art Series, tells how creativity helps to reach people “outside the bubble” and why it is so important to raise awareness for renewable energy sources.

When Art and Solar Meet: a Creative Approach to Promoting Clean Energy | Maria Anschiz |

In Plymouth, local people have been harnessing the power of solar energy and digital technology to create their own sustainable illuminated artworks:

Local people illuminate their ideas using solar power – Invest Plymouth