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Fast fashion has become a dirty term in an era when consumerism is facing up to its environmental impact. But the problem is not just the price tags, mass production and disposable nature of the clothing – but the mindsets of consumers, according to campaigner Suzi Warren. Ms Warren is urging shoppers to develop a more sustainable and respectful relationship with what they wear, rather than dismissing it as “cheap tat”.

Craftivists host Street Stitching event for more sustainable relationship between shoppers and fast fashion

A little more on Suzi Warren:

Suzi Warren (@twistedtwee) • Instagram photos and videos

Twisted Twee – TwistedTwee

Introducing Suzi Warren

A little more on Craftivism:

If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair, can we make our activism be more beautiful, kind and fair?

If there’s time for the loud, there’s also time for the quiet. If there’s time for the fast, there’s also a need for the slow. In everyone’s heart is a desire to change things for the better – it is essential that there is an activists toolkit that is as diverse as humanity.

Our gentle craftivism is for everyone wherever you are in the world: from skilled crafters to burnt out activists, introverts, highly sensitive people, people struggling with anxiety and those people who want to challenge injustice in the world but don’t know what to do, where to start or how to prioritise their energies and time.

From the Observer from a couple of years ago:

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From Jenny Eclair from last year:

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