Alternatives to wood: “Creating materials that promote harmony between humanity and nature.”

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Soon, there won’t be enough wood – so we need to come up with sustainable options.

Here’s an idea:

According to a report by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), it is estimated that the amount of wood harvested in the world will triple by the year 2050, with the increase in population and income in developing countries. In addition, it is estimated that there will be an increased use of wood to manufacture biofuels, pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, consumer electronics and textiles. Searching for wood substitutes can be a smart path towards a sustainable future, especially if the alternatives are made using waste generated by other industries. Pyrus, for example, is an oil-free wood material produced sustainably with bacterial cellulose waste repurposed from the kombucha industry.

Wood Made From Kombucha? | ArchDaily

Prototyping for Pyrus – YouTube

As the tagline of the company says:

Creating materials that promote harmony between humanity and nature

This has won prizes:

The winner of the 2021 US James Dyson Award is 21-year-old Gabe Tavas. His mission is focused: Make wood without cutting down trees. So he invented Pyrus: a petroleum-free, wood-like material that’s sustainably produced with repurposed bacterial cellulose waste from kombucha.

A wood alternative made from kombucha wins the US James Dyson Award