solar and wind powering street lights

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A basic idea behind the SolarPunk ethos is that there is actually enough ‘technology’ already available to improve things considerably.

One example is this from over twenty years ago:

Remote Street Lights Powered by Solar and Wind

And this is from today’s Telegraph – also looking at the combination of solar and wind power:

Motorists could soon power wind turbines and streetlights while behind the wheel. New instruments, which harness the airflow of passing cars, will generate enough electricity to power lights for a nearby town. Wind turbines spun by the airflow from passing vehicles installed on a major road in Shropshire will generate enough electricity to run all the streetlights for the nearby town in a UK first. The vertical wind turbines, invented by a British company, can harness even a moderate breeze, which they say is generated by a car driving at 50mph, as well as by natural wind, and catch airflow moving in either direction.

Motorists could soon power wind turbines and streetlights while behind the wheel (paywall)

Motorists may soon turn wind turbines and streetlights behind the wheel – Automotive News

Although the company behind this has been pushing the idea for some time now:

Wind Turbines Attached To Lamp Posts Generate Electricity Via Traffic

These Wind Turbines Are Being Attached to Highway Street Lights to Be Powered By Traffic

The idea is explained very well through this company-produced diagram:


 credit: Alpha 311/SWNS

Cylindrical wind turbines which are strapped to motorway lamp posts could be powered by TRAFFIC | Daily Mail Online

Finally, yet another clever piece of technology combines solar and wind energy for street lighting:

Papilio is a wind-powered street lamp that reduces light pollution