Art, marine life and flood defences

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It’s all about collaboration:

picture: East Devon District Council

Part of Exmouth’s seafront wall facing the sea is to be spruced up in a ‘collaboration’ between East Devon District Council and an artist from the town. They’ve nicknamed the wall, which was upgraded in a multi-million pound flood defence scheme, together with the seating area on the beach, the ‘Abode of Love.’

Artist Anna Fitzgerald (pictured right) says she wants to harness ‘Exmouth’s thriving artistic community,’ while highlighting Exmouth’s rich marine life including coral beds, rock-pools and sea creatures. And now she, along with the council, is inviting people to add their own touches to create “an ever-changing collaborative mural, which much like the sea, will change and shift with input from across Exmouth’s different communities.”

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Come on down:

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