SolarPunk: Rebellious

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SolarPunk is ambitious and even ‘rebellious’ – in that it wants to challenge much of the negativity out there – whether it’s ‘climate angst’ on the one hand or ‘nothing to worry about’ on the other – both of which are paralysing and stop any sort of positive action: What is solarpunk and can it help save the planet? – BBC News

SolarPunk is certainly ‘activist’: How Solarpunk and its radical optimism is changing the world

But SolarPunk is not ‘activist’ in the sense that XR and Insulate Britain are ‘activist’ – because it’s not in the business of noisily trying to upset people: I’d like to know your opinions on Exctinction Rebellion : solarpunk

As of yesterday, that type of ‘activism’ has become all the more difficult, however: Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain protesters to get tough new fines and prison sentences – MyLondon

And in a hugely ironic gesture, as of today, the Climate Change Committee is telling the government to get a little more active – and to ‘insulate Britain’: Insulate! – Vision Group for Sidmouth

Providing a bit of creative perspective, here’s a look at what it is to be ‘rebellious’: Solarpunk: Hope As Rebellion – YouTube

Solarpunk: rebelling against pessimism – Jessica Seymour

The Punk in Solarpunk: Not all Rebellion is Performative – The Solarpunk Druid

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