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Here’s an interesting place for ideas and initiatives – which looks very much Solarpunk:

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If you’re looking for inspiration and practical actions that are good for you and the environment, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that that insight-led, experimental design should be at the heart of solving some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing society.

Our story | Hubbub Foundation

These pages have featured their projects before focussing on food:

Community Fridges | Hubbub Foundation

And here’s more from them – both good-tasting and good for the environment:

The kitchen is one of the most energy heavy rooms in the home, with fridges, freezers, ovens and more. This means it’s also a great place to start making savings and changes to bring those energy bills down. Plus, using less energy helps the environment too.

10 tips for cooking more with less energy | Hubbub Foundation

We like to think of this collection as our staple repertoire for avoiding summer time food waste. Bet your bottom fridge draw that you’ll have the ingredients kicking around at home to make a few of these recipes. From salads to supper, you’ll find plenty of options for green eating.

Food waste favourites | Hubbub Foundation

More later!

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