Solarpunk is in the news…

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There’s growing interest and engagement with solarpunk.

Here’s a pick from the last couple of months coverage:

Amid rising climate anxiety and an intensifying climate crisis, solarpunk offers an unapologetically optimistic vision of the future that imagines a radically different societal and economic structure in harmony with nature.

Solarpunk Is the Future We Should Strive For | Earth.Org

Imagine: A futuristic farm where robots pick oranges off trees and floating wind turbines generate energy. A multigenerational family gathers around for a meal outside to enjoy their locally harvested bounty. A woman tells her daughter: “Our job is to plant seeds, so our grandkids get to enjoy the fruit.” This imaginary world might just be an ad for Greek yogurt company Chobani, but it is also the most mainstream manifestation of Solarpunk, a movement built on visual art and speculative fiction that hopes to build a more sustainable world.

the solarpunk flag

Solarpunk Is Not About Pretty Aesthetics. It’s About the End of Capitalism

Il movimento Solarpunk è esattamente questo: letteratura fantascientifica che prova a immaginare un futuro possibile, utopistico e migliore di quello attuale.

La nuova moda si chiama “Solarpunk”

Eco-fiction is fiction that addresses the relationship between humans and their environment head-on rather than using it only as setting. Moby-Dick, for example. It has an evolving history, especially within Black and Indigenous literature. And eco-fantasy is one part of the wide variety of eco-fiction, divided further into sub-genres like solarpunk, dystopia, eco-punk etc.

Tanvi Berwah on the necessity of eco fantasy – Culturefly

“Solar Punk” is the festival theme, which envisions a future where community and technology are integrated to create a self-sustaining system. In this event, attendees will learn about alternative self-sustaining ways to work and power their daily lives.

Burien Solar Punk Festival will highlight green technologies Aug. 27 | Westside Seattle

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