Kerdoya – The Cornish Labyrinth

Today, Radio 4 took us to a growing project in Cornwall:

Open Country | Kerdoya – The Cornish Labyrinth | Helen Mark meets Will Coleman to discover the wonders of the Cornish hedge.

As the creator behind the project says:

‘It’s about finding yourself’: Cornish hedgers plan record | 

“Hidden in plain sight, the Cornish hedge is a cultural treasure that unites geology, biodiversity and human endeavour whilst shaping our very landscape itself.”

KERDROYA is a major new piece of permanent public art – a 56m diameter classical labyrinth built of Cornish stone hedging at Colliford Lake on Bodmin Moor. Once complete, the visitor will walk a single, meandering path through stretches of artisan stonework that celebrate the aesthetics of distinct hedging styles from across Kernow. 

Kerdroya – Golden Tree Productionshttps |

It needs funding:

And it needs hedge-layers:

Learn Cornish hedging at Will Coleman labyrinth Kerdroya |