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The Times takes us to another pioneer in sustainable fashion:

Thirteen million items of clothing end up in landfill every week in the UK. One woman is on a mission to change that with an app that aims to be the Deliveroo of clothes repairs. Josephine Philips, 23, launched Sojo in January, since when it has been downloaded thousands of times. After coming to believe that the “fast fashion” industry was built on exploitation, particularly of women of colour, Philips started shopping for second-hand clothes. Finding ones that fit well was a hurdle to a sustainable wardrobe. “I would find amazing clothes that I loved, that just weren’t my size,” she said. “Thank God for feminism, but I don’t know how to sew. I was like, ‘Well, what do I do?’ ” …

Tailor-made app Sojo fights wasteful culture of fast fashion

With more here:

And here she is with more tips:

Do you wish you could make your favourite clothes last forever? Founder of alterations and repairs app SoJo, Josephine Philips, shares her advice on making your wardrobe sustainable and your most beloved items last for a lifetime.  

9 brilliant ways to care for your clothes and make them last for a lifetime

The Guardian looks at how more shoppers in the UK are going green, as technology makes secondhand clothes more accessible:

With wardrobe hoarders taking on a quarantine clear-out, coupled with a new sense of frugality, a new generation of “slow fashion” apps is allowing people to experiment with clothes swapping and shopping secondhand. Lauren Bravo, the author of How to Break Up with Fast Fashion, says: “Where a few years ago, buying secondhand could mean hours of trawling, tech is making the whole experience so much more efficient and more accessible.” While charity shops have suffered sales declines of as much as a third, resale sites such as Loopster, Depop and Vinted have boomed in recent months.

Reselling, repairing and ‘swishing’: the rise of sustainable fashion apps

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