The hopeful and ‘can-do’ aesthetic of Art Deco

Sidmouth has some fine examples of Art Deco:

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Fat Face on Fore Street – Leisure Wear in Sidmouth EX10 8HU, Devon

Or at least it did:

sunburst | The deco windows at Knight’s clothing shop in Sid… | Flickr

Art Deco Window | Art Deco window display in Sidmouth Devon | Richard Walker | Flickr

The Arch Daily asks if we’re in for an Art Deco revival:

Almost a century after the iconic aesthetic emerged, Art Deco is finally having its comeback. As seen in new projects, interior spaces, and furniture around the globe, the glitz and glam that makes us long for the Roaring 20s of the early 20th century is now giving us a small taste of the Roaring 20s revival in the 21st century. As the distinct identity of Art Deco architecture and design has continued to inspire the world, what can we expect for new designs, and the preservation of existing ones?

Are We Overdue for an Art Deco Revival? | ArchDaily

In response, a commentator poses the thought that we need to harness the vibrancy of those times:

What we are overdue for is a revival of times when we were hopeful and ‘can do’ – starting with Art Deco, then the 60s (ordinary life and the Hippie movement), 80s ‘power dressing’ through to the 90s and the huge increase in technology. This century so far hasn’t had much ‘joy’ but the huge increase in tech applications and medical advances  due to the pandemic may give us the boost we need.