Sci-Fi, Sustainability And Hope “can offer an aesthetic and a sense of optimism that is actionable”

There’s a lot of ‘eco-anxiety’ which is not doing our mental health much good:

Climate anxiety is driving the West into dangerous mass hysteria 

As Janet Daley concludes in the Telegraph piece:

Enough with crying and rending of garments. Enough with fear and loathing. If this is a crisis, then we should deal with it like grown ups.

Climate Policy (summary of the same)

Lauren Sung of the University of Georgia gives a grown-up view of how we can deal with this:

Solarpunk Marks The Intersection Of Sci-Fi, Sustainability And Hope

This isn’t your average doomer generation aesthetic. (Illustration by Moira Leclerc, Montserrat College of Art)

In the wake of anxiety-inducing news like the UN’s climate crisis ‘code red,’ the genre can offer an aesthetic and a sense of optimism that is actionable.

There are “seeds of something better” here. 

After all, I can only get through so much doomscrolling before I feel like I need a break from climate change activism in its entirety. But the uplifting visuals and narratives surrounding solarpunk recontextualize our right to exist. It may be easy to dismiss solarpunk as a niche corner of the art world, but this radical vision might be what we need to keep us going. 

Solarpunk Marks the Intersection of Sci-Fi, Sustainability and Hope