urban farming: urban design

… there won’t be enough room for food production if we continue to rely solely on traditional methods and horizontal farms.

In the face of this gloomy prognosis, the good news is that this green urban future has already arrived in some places around the world, and it is nothing like the futuristic picture usually associated with vertical farms, namely huge high-tech skyscrapers.

For example, Paris opened a huge 14,000 square meter urban farm on the rooftop of a building. The plantation does not yet cover the entire area, but when it does, it could be considered the largest in Europe and perhaps in the world. The project known as Nature Urbaine is being implemented at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – the largest exhibition center in France. Over a thousand fruits and vegetables of about 20 different species will be grown at the top of the building each day. There will always be seasonal food fresh from the garden. Twenty gardeners will be responsible for taking care of the crops and, the best part, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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