nature-based solutions

Suddenly, everyone’s talking NBSs…

Firstly, a definition, a video and a couple of examples:

“Nature-based solutions are sustainable planning, design, environmental management and engineering practices that weave natural features or processes into the built environment to promote adaptation and resilience.”

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What are Nature-based Solutions? : Nature-Based Solutions Initiative

For instance, the restoration and/or protection of mangroves along coastlines utilizes a nature-based solution to accomplish several goals. Mangroves moderate the impact of waves and wind on coastal settlements or cities[5] and sequester CO2.[6] They also provide safe nurseries for marine life that can be the basis for sustaining fisheries that local populations may depend on. Additionally, mangrove forests can help to control coastal erosion resulting from sea level rise.

Similarly, green roofs or walls are nature-based solutions that can be used in cities to moderate the impact of high temperatures, capture storm water, abate pollution, and act as carbon sinks, while enhancing biodiversity.

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