Solarpunk inspiration from the Subcontinent

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Solarpunk is by no means just a ‘Western’ phenomenon: it really is capturing the imagination worldwide:

SolarPunk is a global movement – Sidmouth Solarpunk

Solarpunk in Arizona and Koltata – Sidmouth Solarpunk

Here’s a piece from Sri Lanka from earlier this month looking at the technological promise of solarpunk:

Introducing Solarpunk Where Technology Meets Utopia – Life | Daily Mirror

Here’s a recent post from India looking at the latest solarpunk fiction:

‘Solarpunk Creatures’: Sci-Fi anthology brims with hope as it explores our kinship with other beings

And here’s a story from Lahore, Pakistan, from the Utopia Festival in Tel Aviv a couple of years ago:

SolarPunk and Going Post-Post-Apocalyptic

To focus on just one creative spirit, Chahat Bavanya is an artist from India – featured in an inspiring piece posted this week looking at his artistic visions around solarpunk:

Worldbuilding in visual art is akin to stepping into a portal that transports us not just to another place and time but an entirely different reality. It’s a realm where different rules apply, creating a realm of possibility that in its essence is the most immersive form of storytelling, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. This fantastical journey is precisely what concept artist & illustrator Chahat Bavanya embarks upon in his creative endeavors, crafting worlds & building narratives that transcend mere visual appeal.

Art by Chahat Bavanya

As he looks toward the future, Chahat envisions his craft evolving into tangible experiences, manifesting his imaginative worlds in mediums like video games. The excitement for his upcoming project, a video game rooted in his team’s collaborative world-building efforts, is palpable. Through this endeavor, Chahat’s art transcends static imagery, inviting audiences to step into the very realms he paints with his imagination, engaging with narratives that unfold dynamically.

The Solarpunk World Of Concept Artist Chahat Bavanya | Homegrown

Meanwhile, last month in the South Asian diaspora:

South Asian Solarpunk |

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