Suddenly, everyone’s talking NBSs… Firstly, a definition, a video and a couple of examples: “Nature-based solutions are sustainable planning, design, environmental management and engineering practices that weave natural features or processes into the built environment

… there won’t be enough room for food production if we continue to rely solely on traditional methods and horizontal farms. In the face of this gloomy prognosis, the good news is that this green

“Today, we’re going to dive into the visions of Solarpunk, uncovering what it is, what it looks like, and how exactly it can be implemented right now to construct a radical eco and human-centric present.”

A really inspiring bunch of people in neighbouring Somerset: (16) Onion Collective CIC (@OnionCollective) / Twitter And they have just seen their labours bear fruit: Watchet’s East Quay development opens after eight years of planning