“dugnad”: community solidarity towards achieving a common goal

… “a key concept in creating solutions for a sustainable future…”

Four projects from Norway on display:

WoHo Berlin . Image Courtesy of Mad arkitekter
  • Kristian August Gate 13 in Tullinløkka in Oslo is an adaptive reuse project transforming a 1950s building threatened with demolition, reusing and repurposing 70% of the existing materials.
  • In the Festiviteten project, the firm restored an 1874 building, reintroducing it in the social landscape of Larvik, Norway.
  • “Recipe for Future Living”, the winning design of a C40 Reinventing Cities competition, is an exploration of circular economy, sustainable use of resources and reuse at the scale of a neighbourhood.
  • Woho is a timber tower that recreates the Kreuzberg neighbourhood in the form of a high-rise.

“Mad About Dugnad” Exhibition at Aedes Reflects on Achieving a Sustainable Architecture Future | ArchDaily

We trust in processes and involvement through collaboration on all levels, and we believe that we, as architects and individuals, have an obligation to take part in the common ‘dugnad’ towards a sustainable future where people and nature can thrive.[…] Aware of the responsibility we carry as designers, we constantly question our work towards a deeper understanding of the complexity of the world we live in to find better solutions on how to tackle the climate and societal challenges we are facing today.” – Jonny Klokk, Architect and Partner at Mad arkitekter

Mad About Dugnad – Work Together, Build Better – Aedes Architecture Forum