innovation in architecture: the ecological, cultural and thematic park of Campanópolis

It’s become quite the trend for architects today to be thinking ‘beyond architecture’

“Young architects can change the world by not building buildings.” – Virgil Abloh…

ArchDaily’s Monthly Topic: Architecture Without Buildings

And here’s one project being praised for its ‘natural’, vernacular approach:

The medieval village called Campanópolis is located about 30 km from the city of Buenos Aires, in González Catán, Matanza. It is presented as an example of architecture without architects and without inhabited buildings since, in fact, its constructions seem to have a more sculptural character, but with an architectural form. It is the first city with a medieval spirit in Latin America, constituting a historical, ecological, cultural and thematic park.

Architecture without Architects? Campanópolis, the Small Medieval Village Born from Recycling in Buenos Aires | ArchDaily

The Guardian took us there a couple of years ago, telling us about the person behind the place:

With no formal architectural qualifications, Campagna improvised his designs, working 14-hour days, either on site or trawling auctions for bric-a-brac to decorate the buildings.

Campanopolis: folly and fantasy – near the suburbs of Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires holidays | The Guardian

Here’s a walk through the place:

4K Walk Gonzalez Catan – Campanopolis – Medieval Town – YouTube