Seaweed in Sidmouth

Seaweed is really taking off – as today’s story on Radio 4’s The Food Programme tells us:

Gabriella D’Cruz, from Goa, wants to improve diets, transform livelihoods and protect the planet using an often-overlooked marine vegetable – seaweed. Ruth Alexander speaks to the 29-year-old about her big plans for the underwater crop, and her hope that it could bring lasting economic and environmental change to India’s coastal communities. Gabriella’s passion and her project’s potential saw her chosen by a panel of international judges as the winner of The Food Chain Global Youth Champion Award 2021.

The Food Programme – Gabriella D’Cruz: Global Youth Champion – BBC Sounds

It really is taking off everywhere:

Meet the Women Behind California’s First Open-Water Seaweed Farm |

Including in Sidmouth:

Seaweed – Sidmouth Gin

There’s also beer – and some other great locally-sourced products from this Sidmouth concern:

Ebb Tides Seaweed | Facebook

Here’s the business when it started up in 2016:

Seaweed proves successful for Sidmouth man’s new business | ALGAE WORLD NEWS