SEE Monster: art meets education

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How’s about this for a bit of art – powered by solar of course:

An old oil rig, dubbed the SEE Monster, has been transported on a barge the size of a football pitch to a beach, ready to be transformed into one of the UK’s largest public art installations. The retired rig from the North Sea has arrived at Weston-super-Mare this morning, July 13.

It weighs 350 tonnes and when it’s on its platform it will reach a height of 35 metres. The finished art installation will have cascading water – 2,700 metres of it per hour – and generate power using solar energy. It will also include a broadcast studio and gardens.

‘Monster’ art installation arrives at Westcountry beach – live updates – Devon Live

SEE Monster will use its unique seafront location to harness the power of the elements to provide renewable energy for the structure. Along with the waterfalls and gardens it will feature places to meet and be a fun and educational place which will focus on weather, climate change and green technologies. It will also have a dedicated outreach team with a science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) focus.

Why SEE Monster will change the face of Weston-super-Mare – Somerset Live

With lots more pictures:

‘Monster’ art installation arrives at Westcountry beach – live updates – Devon Live

Rusty North Sea oil rig arrives off British coast to become exhibit in £120m ‘Festival of Brexit’ | Daily Mail Online

And more from the art project itself:

SEE MONSTER is a celebration of how we can use our past to shape our future. Harnessing renewable energy from the great British weather, this reimagined platform will feature experiments, performances, gardens and even waterfalls – showcasing local innovation, and showing how creativity can challenge and change the status quo.

See Monster | UNBOXED

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