Solarpunk and Art Deco: hope and excitement

Solarpunk style is associated with the rich naturalism of Art Nouveau:

Art Nouveau Style: Solarpunk & Art Nouveau

Solarpunk and Art Nouveau – The Solarpunk Druid

It’s also very much connected to the later Art Deco movement:

Jay Graber on Twitter: “Solarpunk. A balance struck between nature and technology. The optimism of Art Deco, Art Nouveau. Cities that invite the wild back in. A cybernetic forest, a living machine.” / Twitter

And maybe an Art Deco revival is about to happen – as suggested by the Arch Daily:

Are We Overdue for an Art Deco Revival?

Almost a century after the iconic aesthetic emerged, Art Deco is finally having its comeback. As seen in new projects, interior spaces, and furniture around the globe, the glitz and glam that makes us long for the Roaring 20s of the early 20th century is now giving us a small taste of the Roaring 20s revival in the 21st century. As the distinct identity of Art Deco architecture and design has continued to inspire the world, what can we expect for new designs, and the preservation of existing ones?

Art Deco, short for Arts Décorativs, is a style of art that spanned across all design disciplines, but perhaps is most strongly identified in the bold geometric forms, richness of materials, and twist on historic combined with futuristic elements seen in the architecture it influenced…

Although the world was vastly different a century ago, it’s hard not to compare some of the socio-economic factors which lead to the inception of Art Deco as a beacon of hope for the future. In the 1920s, the US faced heavy sentiments towards immigrants, was emerging from the Spanish Influenza pandemic, and many significant advancements in science and technology were made. The repeating patterns of golden sunbursts and vertical, metallic lines that contrasted against black backdrops represented forward progress…

Art Deco is all about hope and excitement. As we look ahead into 2022 and speculate on future design trends, maybe we’re no longer captivated by the constant argument on whether we’re living in a Modernist or Post Modernist Era- but instead, an Art Deco one. Our understanding of the past is giving us a new opportunity to understand and appreciate the influences and immense beauty of this important movement.

Are We Overdue for an Art Deco Revival? | ArchDaily

photo: Galeries Lafayette Champs-Èlysèes / Bjarke Ingels Group | ArchDaily