Wear Warm: save money and the planet

A week ago, the Mail was encouraging us to turn down the heat and put on a jumper:

If you’re cold this Winter… wear a JUMPER:

Energy experts blast ‘T-shirt tweakers’ who heat their homes ‘hotter than BARBADOS’ and suggest Britons should simply put on an extra layer and turn the heating down to keep bills low

  • Households need to stop being ‘t-shirt tweakers’ and have heat at 21C, they said
  • The ‘Wear Warm’ campaign also looks to tackle pollution caused by overheating
  • It comes amid fears for the future of Britain’s seventh biggest energy firm – Bulb
  • The company is latest victim of the rocketing wholesale energy price this winter

Energy experts blast ‘T-shirt tweakers’ who heat their homes ‘hotter than BARBADOS’ | Daily Mail Online

And today’s Herald online takes up the story:

New campaign calls for households to turn the heating down this winter

The Wear Warm campaign launched on November 8 after research by Utilita Energy – the only energy company created to help households use less energy – revealed that almost half of the nation’s homes are heated to 24 degrees centigrade for half the year – the same temperature as Barbados…
To promote the importance of getting cosy over getting costly this winter, the ‘Wear Warm’ campaign will be featured nationwide at 657 charity shops. Anyone keen to cut their heating bills can get hold of some gorgeous preloved winter garments – and keep them out of landfil
The pro-planet ‘double-whammy’ campaign was officially launched by two of the nation’s sustainable heroes – former England goalkeeper and environmentalist David James MBE and British fashion designer Wayne Hemmingway MBE.

New inexpensive ways to heat your home this winter | Sidmouth Herald

Charity shops are offering lots of snug winter warmers:

Charity shops, food banks and community centres are invited to take part in the ‘Wear Warm’ campaign, which educates consumers on the energy-saving benefits of wearing clothes made with natural fibres, to avoid turning up the heating above 18-21 degrees – the healthy home heat. The campaign launches on 1 November 2021. As the cost of energy continues to increase, this campaign will educate and enable consumers to save money and the planet by choosing clothes and blankets that keep them warm and cosy during the winter months.

“Wear Warm” Campaign – Charity Retail Association