Celebrate change through design

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A big problem a lot of people have with ‘alternative energy’ is that much of it is visually imposing.

Objections to a planning application for a solar farm near Ottery refer primarily to loss of farmland:

Villagers of Marsh Green fight proposals for a solar farm. | Sidmouth Herald

But not loss of landscape – which is often cited as grounds for objection

A key climate question: Are wind farms ugly or beautiful? – Los Angeles Times

Why Can’t They Make Beautiful Windmills? ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Visual Pollution and Renewable Energy > DARLEY POWER FIGHT

However, ‘good design’ might indeed be possible:

Celebrate change through design
Given the grim consequences of climate change and the political stakes associated with generating energy, the question of aesthetics may seem trivial. Investments in renewables obviously need to be based on more than just appearances.
However, as society quickly transitions to better sources of energy, designers are embracing the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the change. Seeing how big power plants, as well as hugely important small-scale community initiatives, can fit within the landscapes that people use and enjoy is a real challenge.
There will probably never be a power plant or solar panel that everyone deems beautiful. But debating beauty and design alongside function is vital to achieve better renewable energy developments.

Power plants needn’t be ugly – let’s make them green and beautiful | Design Ideas for the Built World

For example:

Bladeless wind turbines – Vision Group for Sidmouth

New Bladeless Technology for Wind Turbines Under Development – DirectIndustry News

But as the piece says, we need to be embracing renewable

EIA states that wind power is one of the most cost-effective forms of energy.

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